French tacos

Main Dish
2 servings
10 min
35 min
Very Easy
Today we travel to France and cook some French tacos !


Number of serving: 2

Baked fries :

1 tbsp olive oil

Meat :

200 gr ground beef

olive oil



Cheese sauce :

250 ml cream

50 gr emmental cheese

100 gr cheddar


4 big wheat tortillas

4 tbsp sauce (ketchup, barbecue, mayonnaise..)


Panini grill


  • Step 1 - French tacos
    Fries :
    Peel the potatoes and cut them in fries. Mix them with olive oil and salt and put them on a baking paper. Bake them 20 min at 430°F (220°C).
  • Step 2 - French tacos
    Meat :
    Cook the onion in olive oil, when it's transluscent, add the ground beef + salt + pepper. Stir occasionally until it's cooked.
  • Step 3 - French tacos
    Cheese sauce :
    Heat and boil the cream. Then, add the emmental cheese and the cheddar. Season with pepper. Thicken the sauce and blend it.
  • Step 4 - French tacos
    Put two tortillas one on top of the other. Spread barbecue sauce (or ketchup..) in the center and put half of the fries on top.
  • Step 5 - French tacos
    Add half of the cheese sauce and half of the meat. If everything is well centered it will me easier to fold ;-)
  • Step 6 - French tacos
    Fold the borders one by one beginning by the top, then the one in front and finaly the two sides.
  • Step 7 - French tacos
    Turn the french tacos and cook it in a panini grill during 3 minutes ( or in a pan 3 minutes on each sides ).
  • Step 8 - French tacos
    Repeat with the second french tacos and that's it !


French tacos, photo 1
French tacos, photo 2
French tacos, photo 3
French tacos, photo 4


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