French Friday's with Dorie ~ Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

French Friday's with Dorie has been a great experience in diversity of recipes for the last three weeks. This week: Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup.

I have made Pho from scratch, a LONG process, and Dorie's soup is much like chicken Pho, except MUCH faster to assemble. Oh, and I have never added coconut milk to Pho before and yet Dorie calls for it.

I did not have coriander seeds, so used powdered coriander to compensate along with pink peppercorns instead of white.

All the ingredients went together quickly and brought to a boil.

The chicken breasts with skin and bone were added in to simmer then removed and the meat picked apart from the bones. After cooling down, the chicken meat was shredded, the noodles were cooked and cilantro was chopped. Added all three of these ingredients to the soup and simmered for a short amount of time. Added lime juice at the end.
Verdict: We loved the flavor of the creamy noodles, light coconut base, spices, and chicken. I did not have bean sprouts or fresh basil leaves on hand (forgot to buy them) but I did have chile oil, hoisin sauce, and lime wedges. A definite addition to my kitchen dinners! Now I would like to try the Curry version of this same soup. My husband loves curry. Thank you Dorie for another great selection this month!

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