Fruit Cake with Semolina( Known as Love Cake in Sri Lanka)

Today I am talking about a cake called "Love Cake". This cake is famous in Sri Lanka. Very moist and rich with lots of nuts and nice aroma with honey and rose water.
I got this recipe from my friend who loves this cake. She used to get this cake as a gift from one of her friend for Christmas. Last year for New Year's eve I made this cake using her friend's recipe with little variation. It was a big hit. Keeping that in mind I made this cake again for my friend's Anniversary on Sunday. I made two 8 inch rounds. One I gave for my friend one I brought to office and everyone loved it. It was a big hit again.

Here is the recipe for the same

Eggs - 6 egg yolks and 4 egg whites
Butter - 1/4 pound
Ravai/Semolina - 1 1/2 cups (Rosted)
Bakers sugar -2 cups
Cashews - 1/4 cup ( cut into small pieces)
walnuts -fistful cut into small pieces.. ( Actual recipe uses only Cashews. I reduced cashews quantity and added walnuts as well)
Pineapple candy - 1/4 cup or fistful( cut into small pieces) Actual recipe says Pumpkin candy which I couldn't find in any store :(
Orange/Citrus Candy peel in sugar syrup - 1/4 cup ( cut into small pieces) Actual recipe mentioned this but I couldn't find in any store. Instead I used dry fruits available in my pantry like raisins, apricots etc.
Nutmeg - 1/2 tea spoon
Cinnamon - 1/2 tea spoon
Rose essence - 1 tea spoon
Honey - 1/2 cup
Rum/Brandy - 1 cup (Actual recipe says Brandy . Luckily Rum was there at home which I bought for Tiramisu so used Rum instead of Brandy)

1. Beat 6 egg yolks with sugar till it becomes creamy (see picture 2 below)
2. Add melted Butter to rava towards the end of roasting the rava/semolina, then add it to the above mix.
3. Add spices and cut items to the above mix.
4. Add Honey and Rum/Brandy and mix with above items.
5. Finally beat 4 egg whites till it forms soft peaks (refer pic1 below for the consistency) and mix it to the above items.
6. Grease cake pans and dust with flour or grease and keep Parchment paper. (Parchment paper helps to remove the cake clean without any breaks). I ran out of parchment paper so it was little hard to remove the cake from pan in shape :) .
7. Transfer the mixture evenly into prepared pans
8. Preheat oven to 300 F and bake it for 60 minutes. or until tooth pick comes clean when inserted in the cake.

Remove it from oven cool in the pan for 15 mts and cool completely on the rack for an hr or so till it reaches room temperature.

Yummy cake is ready to be served. This cake will taste better next day.

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