Homemade Futomaki & Unagi Sushi

Yey! I was able to buy Kanpyo a few weeks back in Cartimar. We had complete Japanese ingredients for sushi?s and makis at home so I planned a sushi dinner. Highlight of the night was the Futomaki because it?s my first time to handle Kanpyo -- a Japanese Gourd that is shredded into ribbons & dried. Kanpyo is often used in Japanese cuisine, most often pickled. I got frustrated with rolling Futomaki because I wanted it to be perfect like Tsumura?s! Symmetrical ingredients is a must so you can eat it in two bites while still have all flavors in each bite. Familia said it was fine already but I wasn?t happy. I will redo this in the coming month for sure. (You can check out Tsumura?s Futomaki here:
Anyways Dad wanted Unagi, so I made some for him. I had store-bought Unagi in the freezer, perfect! I also prepared some homemade Tamago. Some were rolled with the Futomaki and the rest was served sashimi style.
Unagi Sushi & Tamago Sashimi
I weren?t able to take photos of the rest because I was too busy rolling dozens of sushi, so I just grabbed photos taken by Ahia using his new camera (thanks ahia!). Some were even sent to my Aunt?s house, even Boo?s house. California Maki is a must because we love mangoes, and then there was the classic Kani Salad  -- I?m always generous with the Ebiko especially now since we have a tub of this fish roe.
Kani Salad (forgot the mangoes!)
You will see in Ahia?s platter that we also had Chashu, simmered pork belly by Mommy dearest.
Ahia's DIET Platter Clockwise: Unagi Sushi. California Maki.
Futomaki. Kani Salad. Chashu. TamagoDinner Table
For dessert, we had the sweets I kitchen tested.

Calculated Recipes:
Must Ingredients for FUTOMAKI: Nori. Seasoned Japanese Rice. Oboro (pink fish flakes). Tamago. Kani. Cucumber. Kanpyo.

CALIFORNIA MAKI: Nori. Seasoned Japanese Rice. Kani. Cucumber. Mangoes or Avocado. Japanese Mayonnaise. Ebiko (orange fish roe).

SEASONED JAPANESE RICE: Japanese Rice. Salt. Sugar. Vinegar. Flavored Nori Flakes with sesame seeds (for sushi).

PICKLED KANPYO: Soaked Kanpyo. Soy Sauce. Mirin. Sugar. Salt. Water. Dashi.

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