How to Make Tangy Beans Monaco Toppings

In earlier recipe we saw the delicious recipes of Sprouted Monaco Toppings and Double Decker Monaco Toppings. In this recipe we are going to use same beans and sprouts with different and more easy method. In this home made delicious recipe it's a goodness of beans and taste of yummy tomato ketch up. To make it more healthy and interesting I tried to add some raw vegetables. So try this mouth watering Tangy Beans Monaco Toppings for starter or as kitty party menu and of course for kids party also.
Preparation time - 10 minuts
Cooking time - nil
Makes - 20 to 25 toppings (approx.)
Ingredients to make Tangy Beans Monaco Toppings:
20 to 25 monaco biscuits 
For toppings:
2 table spoon sprouted and boiled mung
2 table spoon sprouted and boiled kabuli chana
1 table spoon boiled soyabean
1 table spoon boiled kidney beans
Salt to taste
3 table spoon chopped cucumber
1 table spoon chopped capsicum 
2 table spoon chopped onion
2 to 3 table spoon tomato ketch up
1 tea spoon red chilli sauc
1/4 tea spoon chilli flacks
1/4 tea spoon oregano
For garnishing:
Method to make Tangy Beans Monaco Toppings:Mix all ingredients of toppings in a bowl.Place monaco biscuits in a serving plate and spread some toppings over it carefully. Sprinkle some sev on it and delicious Tangy Beans Monaco Toppings is ready to eat.In stead of sev grated cheese can be used.In stead of monaco digestive biscuits can be used.

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