Indian Paan

Paan is an ethic Indian chew usually served at the end of a meal and in ceremonies such as weddings , receptions and religious festivals, Betel leaves or paan , as they are popularly known. , can be bought in nearly every street corner of India. They are believed to help in digestion of curried foods also act as mouth fresheners.

Magical ingredients that go into the making of paan

The pride of the Indian after - meal the ubiquitous paan is a refreshing indulgence at any time of the day.

During the aristocratic age , paan preparations and the style of garnishing it on a plate ( paandani ) was a recognized folk art.

Paan is chewed as a palate cleanser and a breath freshener. It is also commonly offered to guests and visitors as a sign of hospitality and as an "ice breaker" to start conversation. It also has a symbolic value at ceremonies and cultural events in south and southeast Asia. Paan makers may use mukhwas or tobacco as an ingredient in their paan fillings. Although most types of paan contain areca nuts as a filling, some do not. Other types include what is called sweet paan, where sugar, candied fruit and fennel seeds are used. Gulkand - a delectable paste of rose petals marinated in honey - make a '' meeta paan ( sweet paan ) more enriching and tempting , especially for the children and ladies.

It is interesting to note that paan made it into Bollywood in the 1970s. In the 1978 Bollywood movie Don starring Amitabh Bachchan there is a song about paan. Alternately, Varanasi erstwhile Benares and many other North Indian cities are famous for paan eating.

Preparation of Indian Paan

A simple paan can be prepared in the following way.

Wash the betel leaves and and then dry with a cloth. Apply chuna ( lime paste ) on the underside of the leaf.

Mix spices like cardamom, anise and katha , grated coconut , different varieties of betal nuts and gulkand.

Add this mixture on the leaf.

Fold it into a triangular shape and secure by piercing a piece of clove into it.

You can keep paan fresh on ice with rose petals. So the next time you have finished tucking into a heavy feast at a wedding , make sure to munch on those luscious paans for a perfectly sweet and naturally fresh endings.

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