Smile & say cheese ... cheese omelet that is!

Here a receipt to cook the omelettes differently! it is delicious and easy to make!

  • Smile & Say Cheese ... Cheese Omelet that is!
  • Smile & Say Cheese ... Cheese Omelet that is!, Photo 2
Recipe type:
Main Dish
Number of serving:
2 servings
8 min
Cook time:
5 min
Ready in:
13 min
Very Easy


- 1 scant Tablespoon olive oil
- 1 teaspoon butter
- 2 large eggs
- 1 tablespoon water
- Seasoned salt
- 2ablespoons freshly shredded cheese


Step 1

Crack the eggs into a small mixing bowl, and whisk until uniformly colored. Add water and season salt, and whisk again.In a 10-12 inch non-stick sauce pan, melt the butter into the olive oil over med.

Step 2

High heat.When the butter starts to foam, add all of the eggs at once.The eggs will cook from the outer edges toward the middle.

Step 3

Shake and swirl the pan to get the uncooked eggs to flow to the edges .Sprinkle the cheese along 1/3 of the egg.

Step 4

Now, using a spatula, prepare to fold the egg into thirds, just like a letter.Slip the spatula underneath the section sprinkled with cheese, and turn it toward the middle.

Step 5

Pick up the pan, and gentle shake the partially folded egg so that it slides toward the inside edge of the pan.

Step 6

Place the edge of the pan onto your serving plate, and with one smooth motion, fold the egg onto itself and onto the plate.


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