No Cook Picnic Food Ideas for Easter

Everyone Enjoys Easter Picnics

Kids and adults alike are always excited for the celebration of Easter Sunday. There are picnic parties everywhere. Kids hunt for colorful eggs and play in noisy games; while adults enjoy the company of friends and family. Delicious picnic foods are brought in packed lunch boxes and picnic baskets. Picnic tables overflowed with plates filled with tasty goodies and delectable sweets.

Moms are not supposed to slave over the hot stoves anymore. With a bit of planning beforehand, picnic foods will still be abundant come picnic time. The freezer and the refrigerator will both play important roles to make picnic food preparation time easy and fun. There is no more need to wake up early and cook the picnic foods right before departure.

Most no-cook picnic food ideas can be bought at the supermarket or the small grocer store nearby. The list is endless but taking some effort of listing down the likes and preferences of everybody will save both time and money. No food wasted because everything you brought to your picnic outings will be eaten with gusto.

Picnic Ice Cream Cake

Predictably, the children often enjoy something cold and everything sweet. Yes, your guesses are right. Ice cream, softdrinks, cakes, gelatin, frozen fruits, and more. All you need for packing these sweet treats is a giant cooler with lots of ice packs.

Ice cream cakes are not quick to melt because the ice cream is inside the cake and icing. Buy the ice cream cake days before the picnic and store inside the freezer. To pack, place the ice cream cake inside a plastic container with air-tight cover. Make sure that it will remain horizontal during the travel to the picnic destination.

Picnic Fresh Fruit Basket

For the health conscious individuals, a large basket of assorted fruits will be a small piece of heaven. A slice of refreshing watermelon or pineapple will boost the energy level after an hour of hiking through the woods or the beach. Nothing will be more delicious than a juicy bite of peach or apple while soaking your lungs with fresh air. Bring several small paring knives for peeling and cutting fruits to bit sizes. A plastic bowl and forks will also come handy when serving the picnic fruit snack.

Cheese and Wine for Picnics

For sweethearts, a bottle of champagne and white or summer red wines will be perfect partners with different types of cheese. Couples will enjoy small talk with each other while sipping from wine glasses and sinking their teeth into luscious bits of assorted cheese.

Dads and Moms Love Easter Picnics

Dads can still bring their favorite picnic grilled meat foods even without bringing the picnic grill stand. While moms are shopping for the no-cook picnic foods ingredients, dads can buy a dozen of cooked meat kebabs sold in grilled meat food stalls that lined the aisles of most supermarkets these days. Pack the hot foods inside an insulated box to keep the food hot.

Sandwiches are the perfect picnic foods because they can be assembled anywhere. As guaranteed belly-fillers, mix canned tuna flakes with a small of salad dressing and spread the mixture on a slab of wheat bread. Stick in a slice of salad tomato and lettuce to make it crunchier and more refreshing to taste. Cold cut meats like ham, or even smoked salmon flakes, often taste better with cheese and mayo and some veggies. To make no-fuss sandwich meals, just squeeze all ingredients in between two breads.

Picnic drinks are as important as picnic foods. Along with the relaxing wines, stock up your picnic icepacks with cans of beer and softdrinks, bottles of iced tea and lemonade, and gallons of water. Nothing can beat water as the best thirst quenchers!

Easter picnics are bonding time for parents and children. Everyone should enjoy every moment they spent with one another. No one should be slaving over the grill to feed everybody. No-cook picnic foods are the best, especially when the climate is too hot for cooking. Easter Sunday is for hunting Easter eggs.

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