How to make a caramel ?

1 servings
5 min
5 min
Very Easy
Caramel improves a lot of desserts, and it can be the star of some recipes! Caramel flan, sundaes or floating islands, make your own caramel to have the best desserts ever!


1 servings
Some white sugar, depending on how much caramel you want.


A pot (using a copper pot is the best to make caramel).


Step 1 - How to make a caramel ?

Step 1

Put the sugar in a pot, on medium or even low heat.
Step 2 - How to make a caramel ?

Step 2

Let the sugar melt and caramelize slowly. Don't add water, the caramel will form on its own.
Step 3 - How to make a caramel ?

Step 3

To stir and avoid that some parts burn, don't use any spoon, just gently shake the pot.
Step 4 - How to make a caramel ?

Step 4

Be careful not to burn the caramel, it can go pretty quickly. If you have a cooking thermometer, the ideal temperature is between 239°F (115°C) and 266°F (130°C).
The caramel should have a nice brown color. If it is too dark it well be bitter, and too light means a lack of taste.
Step 5 - How to make a caramel ?

Step 5

Use the caramel right away, it gets hard quickly.
There you are, your caramel is ready!



Prevent the caramel from getting hard : just add some water once the caramel is ready. Be careful, it will splash. Some people add vinegar as well.

Have a nice dripping caramel : this time, add some butter and cream to the caramel. And you can use salted butter to really enjoy it!

Toffee caramel : Condensed milk and butter will make it.

Clean the tools : The caramel gets hard really quickly. Let your tools soak in some hot water, and it will disolve.

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