Kutti Na Dhokla

Great fasting recipe and also a heart healthy recipe. Tastes great as a snack or lite lunch/supper recipe as well. This is my mom’s recent innovative creation and her signature recipe. (Thanks mom).
Please Treat your produce all ingredients and the prepared recipe with respect. Use local as much as you can. I treat this recipe as a nice tasty warm comfort food that is healthy as well.
2 servings
5 min
20 min



For optional for garnish :


  • Step 1 - Kutti Na Dhokla
    Grind the kutti no daalo, sabudanaa and moriyu in a grinder into a dry moderate mixture (not too thin.) Keep it coarse. If you get course ready made from stores just skip the grinder part. In my video I have used only Kutti no daalo and did not grind it.
  • Now transfer the ground mixture into a bowl and add all the other ingredients as above (except baking soda or Eno) and create a batter. Add some water as needed to create a batter similar to dhokla/idli/ pancake consistancy. Keep it aside for about fifteen minutes. Now start to make your dhokla dishes ready by applying few drops of oil on the plates. Keep pressure cooker /pasta cooker /or a large pot with cover ready on the stove with water at the bottom on high/medium heat.
  • Now add baking soda or eno and stir well to create some fizz. Pour the batter in the plates and cook in the pot/cooker for about ten to fifteen minutes covered on stove. Once you remove the plates and check to see if it is cooked allow the plates to cool for about five minutes. Now add jeera tadkaa and on top add the optional garnish items if you wish. Cut into small square or diamond shapes and serve with home made yogurt, plain thin vaghareli chaas, and hot chutneys and sweet dates chutney.
  • For fasting recipe skip the green chutney or make it without garlic. Other fasting recipes are here . Remember to read the fasting Then and Now to manage your navratri/ fasting days for me thoughts on fasting.

    Remember to share like and pass it on to your next generation. Please Treat your produce all ingredients and the prepared recipe with respect. Use local as much as you can.Let me know if are able to find this in your par tof the world.


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