The Lumberjack Burger

This post is a quick shout out to my brother, who amongst the mashed cauliflower and quinoa salad recipes, begs that I include some good old fashion American fare. ...But of Course!

Here's a burger he and his friends call, "The Lumberjack." He's unsure if they coined the name or if it derives from someone else - but it just may be a burger impossible for you to easily replicate. (I know...try to compose yourself.)

You see the 80/20 all beef burger is topped with two slices American cheese, onion rings and a slice of Taylor Pork Roll - that last ingredient as far as I know only available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and some places in New York. A sausage like, ham product, Taylor Pork Roll is generally pan fried or grilled and is classically found in breakfast sandwiches with ketchup, eggs and cheese.

Here (as is the case with most pork products) the Taylor Pork Roll has found its way sitting pretty atop a burger! ...It was only a matter of time!

Do you have Taylor Pork Roll where you live?

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