Vanishing Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Before I die, I fully intend to try every imaginable chocolate chip cookie recipe available.  (I?m just getting a good start... bear with me while I document one more)

National food brand companies put their top tried-and-true recipes on their packages - and most of you are familiar with Vanishing Oatmeal RAISIN Cookies.  If you?re not a raisin lover, this is your alternative.  Many people try this recipe and complain that their cookies spread and flatten as they bake.  There is one hint that can eliminate that.

Quaker Oats makes one mistake in sharing their best recipes - they put them on the inside of their pop-off lids.  Does that make sense to you?  How are you going to know if you need to pick up ingredients you don?t have on hand?  I?m not necessarily trying to change corporate policy here.

I would say that most people who use their kitchen regularly would likely have all the ingredients listed in this recipe.  You can use any type of oats - but I love the old-fashioned because of the extra chewy texture.  If you use coconut and nuts in this cookie - you just might be duplicating ?Cowboy Cookies? - (aka - ?Ranger? Cookies & Laura Bush ?Governor?s Mansion Cowboy Cookies" - most popular in Texas & California)

The ?Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookie? recipe has been a staple for years - I even remember it from MY childhood (and that has been quite a while ago)  I?ve always thought this to be a good hearty cookie, but it has a tendency to turn out flat.  

I?ve heard that chilling cookie dough will help retain the ?puffy? shape of a cookie as it bakes.  I tested this by using a medium food scoop to form the balls of dough, then chilled them for 1-2 hours till completely firm.  These cookies turned out so much better than those I didn?t chill beforehand.

It's also a great time-saver to freeze the balls of dough to bake for one-at-a-time snacks hot from the oven.

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