Agar agar lapis gula melaka lapis palm sugar jello dessert

This is a repost from within the latest Petitchef newsletter that highlight a few of the Indonesian ingredients we stock: agar agar and gula palm sugar.  I love the beautiful designs in desserts from lapis cakes and sarawak cakes which are ofter colored green with pandan from screwpine leaves

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Agar-agar Lapis Gula Melaka (Lapis Palm Sugar & Coconut milk jello)

Made Agar-Agar Lapis Gula Melaka, recipe from Bro Rozaan (the lapis cake, lapis pudding & all things lapis (layered) expert. Made it on Friday night to bring to Dyra's b'day celebration.. The recipe is simple & straight forward, u don't have to be a rocket scientist to make the agar2..however, for me the 'difficult' part is the waiting for the layer of agar2 to set before pouring 'gently' the next layer... You know me la...couldn't just wait till the initial layer set properly and I'm not 'gentle' by nature, so even though I used the back of a spoon to deflect the pressure when pouring the next layer, it still tear the 'fragile, not enuff time given by this'clever' impatient author' abstract art appeared on the 1st layer. The art resembled a foetus from the pictures shown in my old & dusty dr mirriam stoppard pregnancy book (really, i checked...they're kidding!) and the darker pattern resembled a koi with a broken tail & with an 'outta-this-world' super huge 1 eyeball...

Despite the art pieces on the agar2, the taste is just yummy (so says all @ the b'day party), so I recommend you give the recipe a try. The palm sugar & coconut milk combination go very well together...reminds me a bit of agar2 gudiRRRRR.... My ex home economics teacher loves to roll her 'R's and we being typical 13-year-olds at that time would start giggling and when she suddenly started to.......ok......that's another different story entirely..... emmm...where was I???? Oh ya....the recipe ....Please be patient as it doesn't really take that long for the layer of agar2 to set and please pour the mixture gently unless you are also an artist in the making...;))

Agar-agar lapis gula melaka (Palm sugar layered jello)

Bahan A (Ingredients A)

10/11 gm serbuk agar-agar (11gm agar2 powder/jello powder)

150 gm gula melaka + 1 sudu makan gula pasir (150g palm sugar + 1 T granulated sugar)

870 ml air (870 ml water)

2-3 helai daun pandan (simpul) (2-3 srewpine leaves)

Bahan B (Ingredients B)

10/11 gm serbuk agar-agar (11gm agar2 powder/jello powder)

150 gm gula pasir (150g granulated sugar)

870 ml santan (dari 2 biji kelapa parut putih)- saya gunakan 400ml santan KARA + 470 ml air) (870ml coconut milk or 400ml coconut milk + 470ml water)

1 sudu teh garam (1 t salt)

Loyang berukuran 8"x 8"x 3" (8"x 8"x 3"pan)edikit pewarna cokelat (optional)( a few drops brown food colouring - optional)

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Cara-Cara (Method)

1) Masak Bahan A sehingga mendidih. Masak pula Bahan B sehingga mendidih. ( Bring to boil Ingredients A & B in a separate pot)

2) Tuang ke dalam loyang sebanyak 200ml agar-agar plain (Bahan A). Biarkan sebentar sehingga ia hampir keras, baru dituangkan lapisan kedua iaitu 200 ml agar2 santan (Bahan B). Biarkan sehingga lapisan kedua ini hampir keras juga.(Pour 200ml of Ingredients A . Let it set slightly & pour 200ml of Ingredients B.Let it set also before pouring in the next layer)  Buy GULA DJAWA PALM SUGAR here

3) Kemudian tuangkan lapisan seterusnya berselang-seli, plain dan coklat. Ulangi melapis sehingga agar-agarnya habis digunakan.(Do the same for the rest of the mixture alternately)

4) Agar-agar yg hendak digunakan itu haruslah berada di atas api yg kecil, supaya ia senantiasa cair dan mudah bila dibancuh dgn pewarna. (The mixtures must be on a pot on very low fire to prevent it from hardening until you finish all the layering.)

5) Setelah selesai melapisnya, tunggu hingga ia sejuk, barulah didinginkan dalam peti sejuk. Enak dihidangkan dalam keadaan dingin.(Upon completion, let mixture cool before putting the mixture pan in the fridge to set overnight)

Source : Bro Rozzan

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