Black Bean Brown Rice Patties ( Homemade)

Since I made Veggie Patties at Home with all different kind of vegetables, these days I am almost reluctant to buy veggie burger patties from stores. This time I want to give a twist by adding some protein and complex carbs. The leftover brown rice was the first initiative for this recipe and my love towards Black Bean Fire Roasted pepper patties was the second. Here is the recipe for you and enjoy!

Black Bean Brown Rice PattiesBlack Bean Brown Rice Patties

Black Beans - 1 can ( you can use fresh also)
Brown Rice - 1 cup ( cooked)
Boiled Potatoes - 2 medium
Red Pepper - 1/2 cup
Sweet Corn - 1/2 cup
Carrot -        1/4 cup
Broccoli -  1/4 cup
Curry Powder - 1 Tbsp
Paprika - 1 Tbsp
Salt  - 2 tsp
Black Pepper  - 1/2 tsp
Cilantro - 1/3 cup
Corn Starch - 2 Tbsp
Oil - 1 Tbsp

How to Make It:
1. Wash and Drain the Black Beans
2. Mash the Black beans roughly and add cooked brown rice, boiled potatoes and mix it very well
3. Add the vegetables, Red Pepper, Sweet Corn, Carrot and Broccoli. Mix it very well with beans and rice
4. Add Curry Powder, salt, black pepper and paprika.
5. Add Cilantro, Mix it very well  so that bean and vegetable mixture is well infused with spices
6. Keep it a side for 30 minutes. The mixture get moist
7. Now add the corn starch and mix and mix it well until it becomes dry.
8. Make Big Rounds and Flatten it in your palm ( like thick patty size)
9. Take the non- stick pan and add oil to it.
10. Cook the patties on two sides until they get roasted.

Let them cool make your Yummy sandwich right way or store them in ziplocs and keep them in the freezer for  the future use. Once you try and taste this, i am sure you won't to turn into to those store bought patties anymore.

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