A wonderful snack in the Indian Appetizer Menu is bajji. Aloo bajji, Plantain bajji, Vegetable bajji, Onion bajji, Mirchi bajji???.the list goes on and on. Bread bajji is one step ahead of these. This is a simple snack with a unique combination of the Westerners staple food- bread and the Indian bajji batter. Although it sounds weird, the recipe tastes very yummy. Try it for a change to your normal bajjis. The batter for this is same as the normal bajji batter. Give it a try.   
Bread slices                   3-4 Besan                             1 cup Rice flour                      1/4 cup Salt                                 to taste Ginger garlic paste      1 tsp Green chilly paste        1 tsp Oil                                   for deep frying PROCEDURE
Use a couple of days oil bread. Cut the pieces into required shape. I have cut them into 4 pieces, each piece into a small triangle.
You need not discard the edges. The edges become even more crispier and tastier after frying.
Heat oil for deep frying the bajjis.
Mean while, take besan in a bowl and add the ginger-garlic paste, green chilly paste, salt and mix well. Add a couple of spoons of hot oil and this helps in making the bajjis light and fluffy. Mix well after adding oil. Use a spoon to mix the besan.
Now add enough water and make the batter as the regular bajji  batter.
Coat each piece of bread with the batter and deep fry the pieces on a medium high flame.
Fry till golden perfection and serve hot wit any chutney.

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