Cincalok Braised Chicken

The chicken pieces are braised in a thick gravy of  ' cincalok ' -  made of fermented small shrimps or krill. In Malacca , the shrimp is called ' udang geragau '. It is a pinkish coloured shrimps fermented in thick brine solutions and rice and the taste is very saltish. This shrimp is available in particular season in Pantai Klebang, Limbongan, Tanjung Kling and several coastal areas in Malaysia. It is usually served as a condiment together with chillis,shallots and lime juice.  My MIL used them to braise chicken pieces or pork slices.  A truly malaysian cuisine , its origin is debatable , and after first tasting this flavorful chicken dish , I knew I had to learn from her and today I can proudly say now my standard is as good as hers :p  for WB said :  "not bad , as good as mom's cooking "  a feather to my cap.....but thanks to MIL tutoring :)

A very simple and easy to prepare dish using just a few ingredients....the main ingredient , of course the fermented shrimps , and braise the chicken pieces in a claypot with some tamarind paste for 30 minutes , garnish with fried shallots and a aromatic cincalok braised chicken dish is ready for dinner. The family loves this dish and they will say ' grandma signature dish ' :)  you know why I smile...that means I managed to get it right in taste - MIL standard !  When I took some snapshots of this dish, the color did not compliment the dish problem I guess :p

Cincalok Braised Chicken

Ingredients :

1/2 chicken - remove skin and cut into bite size pieces

4 tbsp of cincalok ( fermented shrimp )
6 bird's eye chillies - sliced
3 tbsp tamarind paste mix with 3/4 cup water * more tamarind paste if you want it more tangy

8 shallots - slice and fry them till crispy
3 tbsp of olive oil


Lightly saute the cincalok  and chilies with olive oil in  a claypot under medium heat till fragrant, add in the chicken pieces and stir till well blended with the cincalok mixture and simmer till the chicken is half cooked. Add in the tamarind water and stir again and simmer for another 20 minutes. If you want more gravy add another 1/4 cup of water and braised till the chicken is cooked. Add in the fried shallots . Off the heat and dish up or serve in the claypot . Garnish with more fried shallots.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend !

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