Crispy Vegetable Pakoras/Crispy Vegetable Fritters

         I made this crispy pakoras long back and now its here to post.These are supery crispy pakoras...perfect for party starters and tea time munch,particularly for rainy n breezy won't stop asking for one more... :)
As i am not feeling well for past few days am not able to post anything...I fall sick from 27 th april with severe throat infection ,ear pain and sinus :( I can't say by words, my ear pain are more n more... :(  I suffered lot with sleepless nights.If you notice in your post comments comments will be displayed(via mobile) at 1 am..2.30 am..3 am...4.30 am (in past 3-4 days) I divert myself get looking in to your yummy recipes post and feel little relaxed.But you people always made me hungry n tempted me a lot...a few recipes whick make more hungry n irrestible...Malar's- brinjal masala, Menaga's-puli sadham,Raji's- coooool drinks,Vidhya's Cakes n breads,Vimitha's chicken masala,Priya's chettinad garlic kuzhambu n paneer peas pulav,Jay's sweet corn pulav,Nandini's Patishpata,Nisha's Pudina chutney,Aipi's kofta curry,Prabha's halwa,Hema's egg paratha,Aruna's Mint pulav and many more recipes....this is not good guys :) But i came across one apt and situation food of Kaveri's  Kanji and horesegram curry...very apt and perfect food right ???
Thank god atleast today i am able to sit and relax...but still having little throat pain :(
I should thank my Hubby ,who managed alone cooking,cleaning,laundry n other things...One day he asked me the recipe for brinjal poriyal n he cooked in his way and when it comes to my plate it looks like brinjal!!!  but taste was good and my Kids,they are my mom...
And also i should thank my friend cum neighbor Sahana...very good and true friend of me... Whenever i fall sick or i need any help she is ready to help me...She won't ask me what i can make for u simply shedo it her action and make me speechless.but this time i deliberately asked her to make something for my kids...she said ok n in next 3 minutes she knocked my door with lemon rice for we sweet....Sahana owns a blog , about kids n momming just check her space..
And also i should thank Anitha,another friend cum neighbor ,who is also always ready to help me anytime .But i wont ask any help from her because now she is pregnant(29 weeks) . i don't want to disturb her and i pray God for her safe n normal delivery.
though god use to Put me in trouble and make me to suffer a lot...he gave me so many good hearts around     me.So sometime i accept the pain with pleasure :)
 ok ok...will go to the recipe..


Vegetables   i used  1 big onion,1 cup cabbage,1/2 green pepper,1/2 red pepper,1 carrot,1/2 yellow & orange pepper...(striped..thinly)Corn flour    1 handful + 2 tbspRice flour    1 handfulGram flour   1 handfulChilli powder   1 tspSoy Sauce   1 tbspGinger Garlic paste    1 tbpBlack/white pepper powder    1/2 tspSalt    to tasteoil   for  deep frying

click image for enlarged view
Wash and wipe the vegetables using tissue paper and strip them to thin slices and keep aside.Take a mixing bowl, add all the flours,chilli powder,salt,pepper powder and mix well.And add the soy sauce and ginger garlic paste and mix well and add the striped vegetables,sprinkle little water and mix everything well to a thick dough(but not too dry like pakoda dough) with little moisture.Heat oil in wok/Pan, when its really hot take small piece of dough and drop carefully in to the oil (fry in medium hot to ensure proper cooking n crispness).Fry on both sides till turn golden brown and crisp and remoce from the oil and drain it in a paper towel.Sprinkle some pepper powder over the hot fried pakoras (optional).Crispy vegetable pakoras are now ready to serve with ketchup.Njoy!!!

Note: You can also use egg plant stripes,potato stripes and as many vegetables of your choice.You can also add a very small pinch of cooking soda. Handful of freshly chopped coriander leaves also can be added for more flavor.

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