{Easy Entertaining} Valentine's Day Dessert Table

With Valentine's Day only a couple weeks away, I wanted to create an easy holiday dessert table to enjoy at home.  Luckily, PopBar had also recently invited me over for a tasting of their new miniPops (mini gelato or sorbet pops on a stick!) and let me take a few home for this spread.  With their all-natural ingredients and multitude of dips/toppings, the strawberry miniPops were the star of the table.

Other than the miniPops, I also baked vanilla cupcakes, vanilla cookie truffles, and sugar cookies.  The chocolate hearts were also easy to make:  I spooned melted chocolate onto wax paper, quickly made heart shapes with the spoon, and chilled the chocolate hearts overnight to set.

I bought many of the inexpensive decorations from Michaels - fun rose and white bowls ($1.99 each, though it's hard to see in the pictures, they were textured with dots on the outside), printed pencils ($1), and scrapbook paper (less than $1, used as the backdrop).
I brainstormed a few ways to display the miniPops (even debating finding a watermelon to stick them in), but settled on a simpler method of using glass tumblers I had filled with red, white, and pink peanut butter and peanut M&M's.  
In addition to the M&M's, I had Jelly Bellies, Sweet Tarts, strawberry-flavored candy laces, and Strawberry Yogurt Chocolates from Ritter Sport (recently found in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month)
Thanks again to the PopBar team for giving me the miniPops (and the insulated container that ensured they survived the trip from the West Village to the Upper West Side in one piece!) in my Valentine's Day dessert table.  My husband loved that they were made with real strawberries (and tasted like it too!). The miniPops could be used for any type of party - weddings, showers, birthdays, etc.  Check out their website for more information on pricing and catering details.

Happy Valentine's Day!  (I'll be on a sugar-high for days!)

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