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Coffee is not something I grew up with.Mom used to be very strict about the caffeine intake of her girls.She had this weird opinion according to which too much tea or coffee would affect our complexion,health and hormonal levels in body.When I actually started drinking tea,we were “allowed” one cup a day..maybe a half more if we insisted cried. Mom was hell-bent to make sure that we did not go overboard with caffeine.If she somehow caught us drinking an extra cup,we were nagged for days.Over the years, I have seen Mom’s great convincing power in this respect.She has made few of my aunts give in to the “no-caffeine for kids ” rule.If you talk to this bandwagon of ladies in my family even today, I swear you will never let you kid tea or coffee again in their life.They have all sorts of weird theories around it.

Coffee is the most second popular beverage in India after “chai” or tea.In general, Indians like their beverage sweet and milky.In southern parts of India,filter coffee which is a preparation of fresh ground coffee beans using a metallic hand-held coffee filter is mostly consumed.The east indians swear by their love for soccer and cold coffee.P is also one of them.In northern parts, you will find this frothy, overly sweet, overly milky and really creamy coffee which can be made within minutes at home.Okay, this is slightly confusing.This coffee is called an “espresso ” if you go by the Indian lingo.By all means it defies the meaning of its counterpart in the western world.If I were to define it,I would say indian “espresso” coffee is a hybrid of cappuccino and espresso,it carries the depth of flavor of like an espresso & the creaminess of a cappucino.A fuss free drink which asks only for a “spoon” as a gadget to be prepared and gives you a caffeine high after few minutes of labour with coffee & sugar.No need for those fancy looking coffee makers and espresso machines.The mighty spoon is your rescue here.

It is the simplest thing to prepare so please do not dismiss it like other “indian” cooking techniques.You mix instant coffee powder and granulated sugar moistened with few tablespoons of cold milk and you beat it rigorously untill it turns into a pale, thick paste.The inherent principle is similar to whipping heavy cream – of incorporating air as you beat the mix rigorously.The visual transformation from a dark powder mix to smooth fluffy emulsion is enthralling.The aroma rejuvenates you as you beat more.The more you beat, the frothy your coffee is. This whipped coffee-sugar paste is addictive.I have spent countless nights licking spoonfuls of this paste to stay awake during examinations.Its pure caffeine love.Its liquid heaven with fluffy clouds.

If its one of those days when you had an argument  with your boss and you are looking forward to a strong brewed mug of coffee back home,you may not want to make this version.You can put it off for those days when you wanna pamper yourself with a cozy coffee delight.It is rich & soothing.You ll take a sip and you would want to sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the thick,luscious taste loaded with coffee aroma mingled with chiffon like milky goodness. Trust me one cup will make you happy,second one will make you happier and the third one will still leave you asking for more.Its joy in a cup.I love it.

Before any further ado, lets jump on the recipe.Don’t forget to see the notes at the end.I have tried to incorporate a pictorial for various steps involved here.But believe me its as simple as whipping cream.


Coffee Sugar Mix [Makes about 1/4 cup paste]

2 tbsp instant coffee powder
3 tbsp granulated white sugar
1 tbsp cold milk + a little more [if required]

Per cup of coffee you ll need :

1 heaped tbsp of the above coffee sugar mix [or adjust to how strong or mild you like your coffee]
1/2 cup luke warm whole milk [substitute with half n half or any flavored creamer]
1/2 cup cold whole milk [substitute with half n half or any flavored creamer]
Cocoa powder, ground cinnamon to sprinkle [optional]

Note: You will need a tall mug & a metal spoon to whip up the coffee sugar mix.Please keep away your fine china and pick up a mug which is little heavy.


In a dry, tall and heavy mug, tip in the instant coffee powder and sugar together.

Mix well and add milk just enough to moisten the mix [about 1 tbsp].In case you need more, add slowly.The purpose of milk here is just to give you a base moist paste to start working with.

The mix will be dark brown at first.With the help of spoon, start beating the mix rigorously.It will start turning pale and pasty.
Keep on beating the mix till it becomes pale brown and the sugar has dissolved.The mix will be thick and will flow like a ribbon. Also you would have done away with some of that flab on your arms :)

You know when the mix is ready and thick enough when even on inverting the cup, it wont drip.

Once done, the mix with be a viscous paste.It is ready to use now.
Tip in a generous tablespoon of coffee-sugar mix into a “microwave” safe cup.
Pour about 1/2 cup of luke warm milk.Microwave on high for 20-25 seconds.

Take out and stir thoroughly with a spoon to dissolve any lumps etc.This is an important step.You need to get a smooth coffee-milk mix before adding more milk.
Top up with remaining 1/2 cup of cold milk and stir gently to combine everything. [Note: Mixing milk too rigorously will reduce the froth in the final cup]
Micro again for about 30-40 seconds or till you see froth rising up.
Your coffee is ready.Top with ground cinnamon or cocoa powder.
Serve warm with muffins or cookies.


You can use  whole milk diluted with water if you want.
Normally, sweetened cocoa powder is sprinkled over the coffee before serving.I have noted it in the recipe even though I dont like to add it to mine..
The paste lasts in fridge for about 2-3 days.You will have to beat again before using it.Ofcourse, the results will vary as compared to the fresh mix.
The microwave times I have noted are the ones on my appliance.You will have to adjust and keep a watch as your coffee is inside to avoid spill overs.

Enjoy your cuppa coffee ! Thanks for stopping by.

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