Left over lamb sandwich!

"Left over Lamb!" This is a joke, right? Who ever has left over lamb after a Sunday Roast? Well we do, because we plan for it you see! Yes, instead of heating the oven for 1 leg of lamb, roast two and you can easily squeeze two more meals from that meat. We are in the fortunate position of getting or buying lambs directly from the farmers, so we buy in bulk. I think if you buy a leg of lamb over the counter, this idea of a left over lamb sandwich might be a bit far fetched!

We really try to make a deal out of Sunday lunches! We do not always have a feast with 2-3 meats, vegetables and dessert, but it is the one time in the week that we as a family can recharge our batteries. I consider it a blessing that my whole extended family lives but an arms length away from me, so we are indeed a large and rowdy family. As if lunch is not enough, we always make plans to have a supper together too, only this time to make leftover sandwiches. I promise you sometimes those sandwiches are so good that they almost outdo lunch! After all what is not to like about leftover lamb on a sandwich with all the condiments and goodies to go with it......

Left Over Lamb Sandwich

Ingredients( you use as much or as little as you need)

left over leg of lamb - sliced thinly

fresh ciabatta or any bread you prefer

1 or 2  large onions - sliced

some balsamic vinegar, I used Verlaque Honey- infused Balsamic Reduction

sliced tomatoes or little baby tomatoes

fresh  lettuce or rocket, watercress

a sprinkling of sugar if you use plain balsamic vinegar.

Heat a pan on the stove and place your lamb in there without any oil. If you lamb has some fat on it, for heaven sake, do not cut it off, allow the meat to slowly brown and the fat to render out. If your lamb is very lean, add some olive oil to your pan. When the meat has browned slightly, remove from the pan and add your sliced onions to the pan. Saute until it reaches a caramel like color. Add the balsamic and sugar if you are using and allow to go all sticky and delicious in the pan. Remove and keep one side. If you are using cheery tomatoes, halve them and throw them in the same pan and allow to just warm through, but still hold their texture.

It is time to assemble you sandwich. Slice the ciabatta and butter lightly. Pile high with lettuce, the tomatoes, then the lamb and finally top it off with those uber delicious onions. Drizzle with some more of the Verlaque Balsamic Reduction. A Sandwich made  in heaven and the best way to treat left over lamb.

So treat yourself to some succulent organic lamb on Sunday and Sunday night make use of all the left overs! 
Left over Lamb Ragu

Lamb Loin Slow Roasted with Wine and Mint Infusion

 Leg of Lamb - roasted to perfection 

Last night was the annual Eat Inn Producers Awards held at the Old Biscuit Mill and I was fortunate enough to attend. What a fun event, I take my hat off to the organizers, well done! The producers are world class and truly deserving of the recognition they received!

The winners are:
Best New Product: Totally Wild Aloe & Baobab Juice 
South African Heritage: Enaleni Farm
Best Organic Product: Kimilili?s Witzenberger cheese
Small Produce Award: Paddock - Chuck and Bobs
Small Produce Award: Earth - The Drift Farm?s range of organic fruit and veg
Small Produce Award: Bakery - The Foodbarn?s ciabatta and rye bread
Small Produce Award: Dairy - Swissland St Maure cheese
Small Produce Award: Grocery - Quality Pickles? range of chutneys, atchars and pickles
Merit Award: The Kitchen Garden sprouts
Best Markets and Stores: 
North - Braeside Meat Market and Pretoria Boeremark
South: Get Stuffed Enterprises? The Real Cheese and Neighbourgoods Market
East: Everfresh La Lucia and The Food Market
 Central: The Valley Market
For more information about the winners, click here!

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