Hunan chicken

Main Dish
2 servings
15 min
35 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 2
Chicken Breast fillet - 100 gms

Garlic minced - 3 cloves

Chilli oil - 3 tablespoons

Dried long chilli - 2

Maggi seasoning - 1 packet

Chicken soup stock - 1 cup

Pepper - a pinch

Soy sauce - 2 tablespoons

Spring onions - 5


  • Cut the chicken breast into thin slices and preblanch in boiling water and set aside.
  • Heat the vessel and pour in the chilli oil.
  • Sauté minced garlic, dry chilli and spring onion until the flavours come out.
  • Add the pre-boiled chicken and toss in the spring onions.
  • Add the maggi seasoning and simmer over low flame.
  • Pour the chicken soup stock together with soy sauce into the mixture and bring to boil.
  • Add a pinch of pepper and increase the flame. Serve hot.


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