Kaliyadakka/Cheeda /Uppu Seedai / Savoury Fried Rice Balls

Main Dish
5 servings
15 min
8 hours
Very Easy




  • Dry roast Urad dal in a pan, powder it using blender and sieve/sift well before making it into a dough.
  • If using boiled rice soak the rice for 8 hours and grind it along with grated coconut and mix all other ingredients well without adding water .
  • Or if your using rice flour then mix all the ingredients together and slowly sprinkle water and start preparing thick tight dough. Do not add too much water else it will splatter when deep frying.
  • Once the dough is ready, Take a very little piece of the dough and roll using your palms into a small round to the shape of small marbles and leave them in a clean cloth for few min's so that excess water is absorbed.
  • Use a tooth pick and make a hole in each ball. This helps to avoid bursting. Heat oil to deep fry, first drop 2-3 balls and do a test..if that doesn't pop then go ahead and drop a bunch of balls into the oil and deep fry them.
  • Toss them so that they are evenly fried. When they turn golden brown remove and drain onto a tissue. Fry the rest and store in sterilised air tight containers when completely cool.
  • Caution and Tips :
    Grind the urdu dal flour to very fine powder, even a little coarse grain will make balls burst out in the oil when deep frying.
    If your using frozen grated coconut thaw it well.
    Using excess water to make the dough can also cause the cheeda's/seedai?s to burst.
    Make a hole with a toothpick on each ball before deep frying. It will help the balls from bursting.
    When deep frying, as always keep the fire on a low to medium flame, otherwise the outside will cook fast and become black but the inside will remain uncooked.


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