Lightly souped pomfret (filipino: pinangat na pampano)

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Main Dish
2 servings
15 min
12 min
Very Easy
I wanted to innovate Pinoy (Filipino) fish recipes and refrain from utilizing
Bangus (milk fish) & Tilapia. WHY?
Frequently, 7 in every 10, they're "lasang lumot" (taste like moss)
And why Pomfret (Pampano)?
Primordial reason is-its somewhat "buttery" or "creamy" flavor vividly satisfies your palate
more so if the part taken comes from the area of the belly.
Believe you me, tastier than "Bangus" & way way far up than "Tilapia".
Secondly, highly manageable to prep as they're not as boney as milk fish.


2 servings
1 medium size thoroughly cleaned Pomfret

4 pieces medium tomatoes-each cut into 4 pieces

2 pieces large white onion roundedly-sliced (not chopped)

3 pieces banana pepper (or chili finger or "sili pansigang")

2 grams ground black pepper

8 pieces cleaned mustard leaves

10 ml. cooking oil

5 ml. "patis" (fish sauce)

200 ml. tap water (tubig lang sa gripo nyahaha) or fish stock


Step 1

Heat pan pour oil. Saute 1/2 of sliced tomatoes until overdone ("labug na labug na mga kamatis")

Step 2

Pour in 1/2 of sliced onion, saute also to overdone state Add in "patis" & black pepper. Toss a bit.

Step 3

Pour in water (or stock) and bring to boil. Upon boiling, slowly toss in Pomfret and let cook for 3 minutes each side.

Step 4

When done, turn off or remove pan from fire.
Pour in mustard leaves & banana peppers...COVER.

Step 5

Un-cover after 2 minutes, pour in unto serving tray & garnish with the other half of tomatoes & onions.

Step 6

Enjoy the aroma, taste and vibrance of this Pinoy comfort recipe.

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