Pan fried pork rib steak with apple and mustard sauce + sauteed

Main Dish
2 servings
10 min
20 min


Number of serving: 2
Recipe Ingredients: (feeds two, double for four)

* 1 Granny Smith apple

* 2 rib pork chops

* 8 small new potatoes (thinly sliced)

* 1 garlic clove (minced)

* 1/2 garlic granules

* 1/4 of a glass of full fat milk

* 1 soup spoon of butter

* 1 soups spoon of mustard

* salt and pepper (to taste)

* a pinch of fresh or dried rosemary

* a glug of olive oil


  • Place a large frying pan on the stove on high, and pour a glug of olive oil into it once hot add the potatoes sprinkle over them some salt, rosemary and garlic granules let them get golden on one side then turn them around, and let this side achieve the same golden colour. Once done remove them from the pan and put them drying on a plate with some tissue to drain the excess fat.

    Add another glug of olive oil and now add the pork that you'd previously marinated with some salt, pepper and the minced garlic (for a minimum of half hour) which should start sizzling straight away also on the other half of the pan put the apple (previously pealed and sliced) spread it so it cooks evenly (see picture). Make sure to turn the pork immediately once sealed on one side so that the other side gets sealed too preventing the juices and flavour from escaping from the pork. The pour will cook quite quick as you want it slightly pink in the middle (no blood though) the whole thing takes about 5-7 minutes, also turn the apples once they start caramelizing, the juice from them will help flavour the pork too.

    Finally remove the pork and arrange it on the plate with the potatoes, and on the pan add the butter first let it melt then add the milk and the mustard, which will thicken it to a sauce consistency, very quickly, place this over the pork and there you are a perfect meal.

    ****Note I used whole grain mustard, which I didn't like too much as leaves a little too much vinegary taste to it, so I would suggest using just English mustard. (your choice though*****


Pan Fried Pork Rib Steak with Apple and Mustard Sauce + Sauteed, photo 1
Pan Fried Pork Rib Steak with Apple and Mustard Sauce + Sauteed, photo 2
Pan Fried Pork Rib Steak with Apple and Mustard Sauce + Sauteed, photo 3



rcandeias, 25/02/2009

One of the best meals I ever had, yum yum!!!

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