Chapathi- Indian bread is the staple food for many. With the growing number of health concerns with rice many are switching to chapathi as the main diet. No doubt chapathi is low in calories, rich in fiber. The goodness of the chapathi can be enjoyed only with the whole wheat flour(husk or barn included) and not the refined flour that every one uses. Well, we rarely find the whole wheat flour, especially in India. Oats form the best alternative- oats do not undergo any refining process and hence retains the goodness and nutrition of whole grains. More over they contain more soluble fiber and lowers cholesterol, increases the digestion process. Some people face the constipation problem with the normal wheat chapathi. Oats chapathi is a best alterative for such persons. Also if you are on a diet control plan, including oats in most of your diet recipes can bring you quicker results.
Many of you might have heard of oats chapathi and many of you might have been using a couple of spoon of oats powder while making the chapathi. But today I give a recipe which has more of the oats powder and less of wheat flour. My recipe turned out a hit and believe me, no one can identify that the chapathies are made with oats flour. I have used olive oil for making the chapathi, this not only increases the taste, but also helps in getting smooth chapathies.  
Oats powder           1 cup Wheat flour             3/4 cup Salt                           to taste Water                       to make the dough Oil                             for dough, for frying chapathi PROCEDURE
If you are having the oats as is, make the powder in a mixie.
Now combine both the flours, salt. Add a couple of teaspoons of  oil and mix well. Now using water little at a time make a soft dough. Add one more spoon of oil to the dough and knead it well for 5 minutes.
Rest the dough for at least 2- 3 hours.
Take a small amount of the dough and roll it into a circle.
Smear some oil onto it and fold it into half and again fold it into half so that a triangle is formed.
Now roll the triangle into 1/4 inch thick chapathi.
Fry the chapathi on a tawa with some oil.
For detailed recipe of chapathi click here
Resting the dough for more time yield softer chapathi. You can skip oil while making the dough, but use oil while rolling the chapathi. This makes the chapathi puff-up while frying. You can also make the regular roti or pulka with the same dough. Use the refined wheat flour in this recipe. This way you can get much softer chapathi. OATS CHAPATI



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I just made these chappatis. They turned out really soft and wonderful. However, they did not bubble up, but that's okay. They are delicious and healthy.

I forgot to mention, that I used plain yogurt instead of water to knead the dough.

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I got a lovely soft dough very pliable. am yet to cook it - still resting.

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Excellent,...but oil is cholestrol

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