Oats n mango mousse delight

2 servings
10 min
Very Easy
Enjoy this delicious and healthy also creamy dessert!


Number of serving: 2
1/4cup Rolled oats

1 tablespoon Butter

Mango Mousse:

1/4 cup Fresh mango puree

1/4 cup Sweetened condensed milk

3 tablespoons Fresh cream

2 drops Mango essence

Few almond flakes

Few dry fruits


  • Mix together mango puree, condensed milk, fresh cream and mango essence in a blender, keep in fridge for an hour.
  • Meanwhile mix together rolled oats and butter in a microwave safe bowl and cook in high for 3 minutes until the rolled oats turns crisps.
  • While serving, pour few tablespoons of mango mousse and add the roasted rolled oats over them,springle few almond flakes and dry fruits continue the same process until the mousse and the roasted oats get finished.


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