Amla Halwa

4 servings
15 min
10 min
Very Easy




  • Wash the gooseberries and pat them dry. Drop them in the hot water and keep them in for two minutes.
  • Remove from the water and grate them. Alternately you may crush the pulp and remove the stone.
  • In a microwave proof bowl, grease the walls with ghee/oil. Add the sugar to the water for the syrup.
  • Cook on micro power high for 4 minutes. Stir and check the consistency.
  • If a thread can be drawn between the thumb and forefinger, the syrup is ready. If not keep for a further minute or two.
  • Add the grated fruit, stir and return to the microwave. Cook on medium high without covering for 3 minutes initially.
  • The addition of fruit will dilute the syrup and the goose berry pulp will cook in this. Allow to stand two minutes.
  • Remove and check if they have blended well and the fruit is cooked while still crunchy. Add the ghee and crushed cardamom and mix well.


Amla Halwa, photo 1
Amla Halwa, photo 2


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