Ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi)

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7 servings
Very Easy
25 min




Preparation15 min
Cook time10 min
  • Wash strawberries and remove the calyxes. Wrap a strawberry with about a spoonful of adzuki bean paste and rounds to make a ball.
  • Make 6 to 8 balls depending on the size of your strawberries. Put 2/3 cup of water and 1/4 cup of sugar in a microwave bowl and mix well.
  • Add glutinous rice flour in the bowl and mix well. Put the bowl in microwave and heat the dough for two minutes.
  • Remove and stir quickly. The dough will be somewhat heavy and very sticky. Dust a flat tray with corn flour. Also, dust hands with some flour.
  • Remove the hot mochi from the bowl to the pan by hands. Dust hands with more flour and divide the mochi into 6 to 8 pieces, depending on the size of the strawberries.
  • The mochi is hot and sticky, so be careful not to burn your hands. Make 6 to 8 flat and round mochi.
  • Put a piece of strawberry and adzuki filling on a mochi piece and wrap it by stretching mochi. Pinch the ends tightly to ensure that they stick together.
  • Lay each mochi, seam downwards, onto a plate lightly dusted with cornflour Repeat the process until all the dough has been used up.
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