Sesame Street Cupcakes

10 servings
20 min
5 min
Very Easy




  • If you can't find white candy melts then just melt some white chocolate chips in a bowl, on 30 second intervals, stirring in between times until melted,
  • Then pour the chocolate into a sandwich bag, snip the end off and pipe circles and then fill them with white chocolate to make the eyes. Let them set to harden.
  • Fill 4 piping bags with each color of your frosting and fit with a small tip, or fill sandwich bags and snip a small corner, and squiggle the frosting over the cupcake to resemble fur. For Cookie Monster (blue) place 2 eyes and make 2 cross-eyed eyeballs with black frosting on him, and stick half of a Chips Ahoy cookie on the frosting for his mouth. - If you're having trouble keeping the cookie in his mouth, cut a slit in the cupcake and push the cookie in it slightly, it should hold better.
  • For Elmo (red) place 2 eyes and make eyeballs with the black frosting. Un-sandwich an Oreo and cut it in half and place it outside up (so there won't be any creme filling reminisce) for his mouth.
  • Make sure the straight edge of the Oreo is sticking up for his mouth. Stick a orange peanut butter M&M for his nose.
  • For Oscar the Grouch (green) place 2 eyes and make eyeballs with black frosting, then squiggle more black icing for his eyebrows.
  • Place a half of an Oreo, straight side down, for his mouth. With some red frosting, pipe a tongue on the bottom of his mouth.


Sesame Street Cupcakes, photo 1
Sesame Street Cupcakes, photo 2
Sesame Street Cupcakes, photo 3


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