Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant ????

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 117a
Few weekends ago, drove down to Ipoh to attend my nephew?s wedding reception which was held in Pusing Public which Ipohan called it Mun Choong. I got to know from the older generation why they named it Pusing Public, it?s because the original branch was in Pusing, one of the small town in Perak. So, I presume it must have moved out from Pusing and thus name it Pusing Public.

Anyway, that?s my wild presumption. Best to check with older generation of Ipohan. But I can tell you that no doubt about it this is the place famous for wedding banquet. The food is large serving and it?s delicious too.

Don? t believe me?? Check this out yourself.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 019
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 017a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 018
Four Seasons, that?s where it started the night dinner.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 035a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 039a
Followed by the Shark Fin Soup, this is the best so far I?ve tried. Lots of ingredients and it?s tasty too!!

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 049a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 051a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 045a
Duo flavour fishes, Black Pepper & Honey Glazed that Wrapped with Seaweed. This is something that I don?t normally see this in Penang. Look at the fish that they had de-boned it and made into these 2 flavours.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 062a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 061a
Steamed Kampong Chicken with Hong Kong Kailan. Something ordinary, but the oil that pour on this plate of kitchen that made it so juicy.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 089a
Mushrooms, Broccoli & Beancurd Skins with Abalone Sauce. Simple yet luxury. Abalone sauce mah!! 2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 053a
Pusing Public signature dish ? Pan Fried Big Headed Prawns. It?s a must to have whether you?re going for wedding banquet or normal meal.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 092a
Fried Glutinous Rice with Mandarin Sausages. Flavourful, and rich in ingredients.

2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 108a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 112a
2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 101a2009_08_30 Nic's Wedding 104a
Last, which everyone that expected one? dessert. Dried Longan & White Fungus dessert, with these Green Kaya Balls. Perfectly match!!

Address & Contact Number
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
No. G 57-65 Jalan Verasamy Ipoh
(Horley Road)
30300 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +605 2419 348, +605 2410 306, +605 2533 428

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