Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant

28th Oct 2010

Celebrated my brother's birthday at Lai Huat. A coffee shop zi char restaurant famous for it's Belachan Fish, a very local style zi char. This eatery was highly recommended to me by my colleague where her family frequent regularly. Usually very packed on weekends but pretty alright on weekdays. We ordered a number of dishes and all turn out quite nice. Pricing is very reasonable too and I would say quite cheap. We had 9 dishes and total bill for 7 was about S$180 averagely was about S$25/pax. Definitely value for money.

Sambal Belachan Sole Fish - S$24.00

A signature dish. We never seen such a large sole fish before, very fleshy and fried till very crispy with sambal belachan topping. The sambal taste like shrimp sambal, very good with rice.

Black Pepper Crayfish - S$36.00

Fragrantly fried with black pepper but I find it a bit dry.

Claypot Braised Sea Cucumber & Duck Web - S$15.00

The pot was full of goodness, with crunchy duck web, sea cucumber, sea clam, mushroom and vegetables. Braised sauce was very flavourful too.

Chilli Crab - S$60.00

This was impressive too. We instructed them not to add tomato sauce and it turn out real good. We love it spiciness.

Crispy Baby Squid - S$10.00

This was executed perfectly. Crispy and appetising but the crispiness didn't last so must eat it fast.

Oyster Egg - S$6.00

Simple egg and oyster. Fried till very fluffy though a bit oily.

Sweet & Sour Pork - S$8.00

Quite nice, the pork was sliced thinly and very lean, fried till crisp. Sweet and sour sauce was well balanced too.

Baby Kai Lan - S$10.00

Nicely fried with wok hei.

Stir Fry Mee Sua - S$6.00

Very generous with the ingredients.

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant
72 Horne Road
Singapore 209075
Tel: 6299 3024
Daily: 5pm ? 1am

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