Create your own mouthwatering picnic sandwiches

6 servings
60 min
20 hours
Very Easy


Number of serving: 6

6 pairs of sliced whole wheat loaf bread, cut into quartets

3 cups thinly sliced ham, cut into same size with read

1 cup sliced cheese, cut into same size with bread

3 medium ripe tomatoes, sliced to form ringlets

2 cups lettuce, shredded

½ cup cherry tomatoes or grapes or berries, as garnishing


2 pieces long bread, cut into 1/2-inch thick slices

4 cups hotdogs or sausages, cut into cubes

½ cup white onion , cut into cubes

2 cups cheese cubes

1 tsp olive oil or butter

1 Tbsp parsley, minced


1 piece long and round white bread, cut into thin slices

½ cup smoked salmon flakes

¼ cup caviar

½ cup whipped cream


  • 1) On top of bread, arrange several slices of ham and cheese; then add a ring of tomato and a shred of lettuce; and garnish a single cherry tomato or grape or berry at the center of the bread. To avoid toppling the mini-tower sandwich, push a short stick right through the decorative garnishing on top. Serve with hot or cold drinks.
  • 2) On a non-stick pan, stir-fry hotdogs or sausages with oil or butter over medium heat until slightly toasted. Stir in onions and cheese. Sprinkle minced parsley. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. Scoop one tablespoon of mixture and arrange on top of each bread slice. Serve with cold drinks.
  • 3) Spread whipped cream on bread. Arrange a half teaspoon of smoked salmon flaked on top. Garnish with ¼ teaspoon of caviar. Create sandwiches with only caviar or salmon on top. On a flat-surfaced plate, arrange the canapés along each other according to their toppings. Serve with a glass of white wine.


Create Your Own Mouthwatering Picnic Sandwiches, photo 1
Create Your Own Mouthwatering Picnic Sandwiches, photo 2
Create Your Own Mouthwatering Picnic Sandwiches, photo 3


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