Steak ala Pobre and Pinakurat

We often say that the secret to a great tasting dish is in its marinade… I agree. When it comes to frozen and ready to cook meals, Steak ala Pobre has got to be one of the yummiest and easiest to prepare. You can either thaw it for like 15 minutes while you pre-heat your oven, then you can throw it in and wait for another 15 minutes; or you can also opt to fry this one; but I suggest baking to avoid extra fat from the cooking oil.

When I am already short of time, this is my number one option because I can do other things while I wait for it to be cooked. ;p

This heaven sent dish is available at all major grocery stores, especially in SM groceries. It only costs 95 pesos, serves 2 to 3 persons, and the best part is, it is indeed boneless.

Another important ingredient to a great tasting meal is the sauce (sawsawan). We Filipinos love to have fish sauce or soy sauce with calamansi, or vinegar with salt or soy sauce by our side while we eat dishes like fried fish, chicken, or liempo; lumpia, and the like that is why I am introducing you to yet another great find =)

People would normally ignore vinegar with this type of packaging and go for widely advertised brands, but that should not always be the case. I have nothing against popular brands because indeed they are goodies; but Pinakurat, is just so awesomely blended – with just the right amount of all the elements you look for in a vinegar.

Pinakurat is available at all leading grocery stores so go ahead and try this one with your favorite dish.

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