Urlakazhangu Ishtuu (Potato Stew- Authentic Kerala Style)

A rich and creamy side-dish that is a traditional fare of Kerala cuisine, Potato stew is mildly spiced and gets the heat from ginger other than green chillis! It is served with idiyappam , pancakes (dosas),appams etc. Sadhya  or the grand feast (banquet) associated with special occasions have the stew as a big draw that generally does not have onions or garlic.The stew is also prepared with a base of onions and a few other spices where potatoes join the party later. I have tried to make it the authentic way without onions & garlic.Boiled & roughly mashed potatoes stew in thin coconut milk and later they are spiked with a dash of coconut oil. To this lightly fried green chillis and ginger are added along with  thick coconut milk.

My hubby's granny was reminiscing about the good old days where stew was subtle without the addition of any store bought spices. She also told me how they used to extract coconut milk and make batches of thick, thin & thinner milk. Of course nowadays with the availability of Coconut Milk in tetra-packs, the job is really easier. I used Hommade's Coconut milk , if you have time you are welcome to extract milk from coconuts .To accommodate my granny's eating sensibilities, i followed her easy and simple way of making the stew ! 

What Goes:-

Boiled Potatoes - 5 to 6 (medium sized)Green Chillis - 2 - to taste (finely chopped)Ginger - 1/2'' piece (scrapped & chopped finely or grated)Thick Coconut Milk - 50-75 mlThin Coconut Milk - 100 ml - 125 ml of thick milk diluted in enough waterCoconut Oil - 3 tbsp


Roughly mash the potatoes and set aside. Keep the other ingredients ready. 
Dilute 125 ml of coconut milk with enough water and bring it to a boil. 

Add the mashed potatoes and let it stew & simmer for a while in low flame.

While it thickens and absorbs all the milky essence add 2 tablespoons of coocnut oil.
Once it attains a consistency that is neither thick nor watery add the thick coconut milk and let it cook for a few more minutes. Prepare the tempering separately-warm a tablespoon of  coconut oil and fry the chopped green chillis and ginger.Add it to the potatoes. You can also add curry leaves, mix well and switch off flame.

Serve Hot

Sending it to AWED-Indian Cuisine hosted by Umm Mymoonah event announcement by DK

This goes to Magpie's Kerala Kitchen- March
Also to Rumana's Treat to Eyes- Series 1

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