How to choose an avocado?

How to choose an avocado?

Sick of having bad surprises when opening an avocado? There is nothing more disappointing than a spoiled avocado.

The PetitChef team wants to end with these failures and enjoy a ripe avocado.

Here are 3 tips to help you decide which avocado you should pick at the grocery store!

General appearance

The color and texture of a ripe avocado are uniform. If it looks discordant in its colors, there are a lot of chances that it is spoiled, or not ripe yet. If it presents black spots, it means that it is spoiled.


Press gently the fruit with a finger on 3 to 4 different spots to make sure it is ripe enough. If you don't feel much resistance, without going to deep (and leaving no marks on the peel), your avocado is perfectly ripe!

The color

Finally, under the stem, if you see a yellow or light green flesh, it means that your fruit is under-ripe. But if it is brown, your avocado is probably over-ripe.


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