Air fryer zucchini chips

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2 servings
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18 min

Here's a deliciously crispy way to enjoy your zucchini with air fryer zucchini chips! Prepared in no time with zucchini slices, these chips are perfect as a healthy snack or as an accompaniment to your favorite dishes :-) With their crunchy-soft texture and lightly grilled flavor, these zucchini chips are a tasty alternative to traditional chips. Follow our quick and easy recipe below ↓↓




  • Air Fryer
  • Mandolin (or knife)
  • Oil spray


Preparation10 min
Cook time8 min

  • Air fryer Zucchini chips - Preparation step 1Wash then cut the zucchini into slices. You can use a mandolin or a knife.
  • Air fryer Zucchini chips - Preparation step 2Mix breadcrumbs, parmesan, garlic, salt, pepper and oregano.
  • Air fryer Zucchini chips - Preparation step 3Dip the zucchini slices in the egg then in the breadcrumb mixture.
  • Air fryer Zucchini chips - Preparation step 4Spray oil or brush the air fryer tray then place the zucchini coated in breadcrumbs inside, spacing them from each other. Spray (or brush) with oil again.
  • Air fryer Zucchini chips - Preparation step 5Cook the zucchini chips for 8 minutes at 390°F (200°C) in Air fry mode.
  • Air fryer Zucchini chips - Preparation step 6And there you are, your zucchini chips are ready!
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What sauce to go with zucchini chips?
We love eating them with a red pesto sauce or a yogurt sauce!

How to store zucchini chips?
You can store them in an airtight container in a cool place for up to 2 days. They will soften, you can give them some crunch again by reheating them a little in the oven or in an air fryer.

Can you freeze zucchini chips?
Yes No problem!

Should you eat zucchini chips cold or hot?
You can eat them cold or hot.

How to reheat zucchini chips?
You can reheat them in the oven for 5 minutes at 180°C or 3 minutes in the air fryer at 180°C.

How to bake zucchini chips in the oven?
You can bake them for 10 to 15 minutes in the oven at 390°F (200°C), turning them regularly.


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