Tempura shrimp and soft shell crab

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4 servings
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25 min




Tempura better:

soft shell crab:

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Preparation10 min
Cook time15 min
  • Tempura better:
    Combine all the ingredients in one dish and mix till it's nice and smooth.
  • Soft shell crab:
    Take a medium pot and fill it with oil, be careful not to have to much oil.
    fill your pan just enough so the oil will cover your largest crab, you do not want to place more than 2 crabs at a time, or it will cool down your oil.
  • Preheat the oil to 350 degree, a good way to test this is by taking a drop of the tempura better and dropping it in the oil it should not sink to the bottom but float on top.
  • When your oil is hot take some tongs preferably once that don't have sharp ends on them so you will not pierce the tempura when taking it out of the oil, grab the shrimp by the tail and place it in the tempura batter making sure it is fully covered in the better, take the shrimp and slowly place it in the oil, cook until golden brown, the same goes with the crab only when placing the crab in the better place the claws in first allowing them to become crunchy and cook separately from the crab.
  • Remove the shrimp or the crab and place it on a towel to make sure that any extra oil will be absorbed, wait for it to cool before rolling it in the sushi roll.
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Tempura shrimp and soft shell crab Tempura shrimp and soft shell crab - photo 2


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