Crab rangoon: crab and cream cheese in wonton wrapper

Crab Rangoon: Crab and Cream Cheese in Wonton Wrapper
4 servings
Very Easy
50 min



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Preparation30 min
Cook time20 min
  • Mix the cream cheese to form a paste and then add the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  • Use a teaspoon to spoon the filling onto the middle of each wonton wrapper. Beat the egg with the cold water.
  • Wet all sides of the wonton wrapper with egg mixture, fold in half and firmly seal the edges.
  • Heat a pot filled 3/4 with vegetable oil to 360 degrees. Fry the crab rangoon in batches of 8-10 to keep the temperature stable, turn the wontons when one side is golden brown.
  • Drain over a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.
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