Blueberry Bliss Brunch Cake - like a Costco muffin by the SLICE...

This cake can be baked in any number of forms - bundt, loaf, bars, rounds, muffins - you decide.  It?s moist, firm texture is perfect for a breakfast or brunch.  Easy to glaze with a drizzle of powdered sugar and lemon juice - or simply dust with confectioners sugar.  A cinnamon streusel topping would be a nice touch also.  Slices of this cake are firm enough to eat with your hands, but not dense or dry.

I dare you not to like this.  Everyone who tested this melt-in-your-mouth recipe said it reminded them of those big FAT Costco Blueberry Muffins.  The advantage of baking it in a bundt pan is that you don?t feel obligated to finish a giant-size muffin.  A little sliver satisfies my craving.

The beginnings of this recipe I found on, where it states the recipe originated from Cooking Light.  As a matter of personal taste, I don?t keep anything ?light? in my kitchen - especially butter or cream cheese with ?light? in the title.  

I can always detect a slight aftertaste which I attribute to a change in the chemical makeup.  The texture made with these ingredients seems to be lacking, so I would rather have a smaller serving instead.

That said, I went about changing it so it didn?t require separating eggs and making a trip to the grocery store.  

Another ?adjustment? was discovering that manufacturers are still continuing to shortchange us in subtle ways (aka - distracting the consumer by changing the ?look? of the packaging, while whittling down an 8-oz yogurt to a 6-oz size - thinking all the while we won?t notice...)  I shouldn?t be surprised, but it still disappoints me.

Enjoy!  The recipe for this satisfying cake is found at:

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