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Hi All!!
Sorry for being away from the blog all of a sudden..the intention was definitely not to disappear but somehow life became too busy with traveling, then unpacking and getting back to a regular routine..
I’m posting yet another healthy preparation which is perfect for not only pregnant women but any health conscious person. I’m personally trying to move gradually to eating brown rice rather than the polished rice. I had attempted this  preparation using brown rice before we started on a tour and during my travel I had carried my laptop too so that I could finish the post but life was so hectic that I never found time to complete the post. Finally today I’ve just pushed myself to sit in front of the screen and finish the incomplete job.
Let me be honest I was very skeptical about the taste of the dosa. The only thing I was confident about was that no matter how the dosa tasted, some kind of pancake could be made with the batter.  To my surprise the dosa turned out really nice, it was very light to eat and had a nice nutty taste which I savored  thoroughly without being guilty as it had healthy and wholesome ingredients in it.
I made a few changes to my regular tomato chutney and made it a little spicy too to go with the plain dosa and the combo turned out superb. I gave the dosa in kid’s lunch box and we had it for the breakfast. In case you want to eat light food for the dinner, this dosa is just perfect for that.
Brown Rice & Red Beaten Rice Dosa Soaking Time: 5-6hrs | Fermenting Time: Overnight | Preparation Time: 10mins | Cooking Time: 2mins/dosa  & 10mins for Chutney | Makes: 17-18 | Serves:3-4
Ingredients for Dosa 2cups brown rice
1/2cup red beaten rice/poha
1/4 cup dhuli moong daal
1/4cup urad daal
1/2tsp fenugreek seeds
Ingredients For Chutney 1small onion
2medium tomatoes
1/4tsp turmeric
4-5 dry red chilies
6-7 curry leaves
salt to taste
2tsp oil
For Tempering
2tbsp oil
1tbsp mix of urad-chana dal
1/2tsp mustard seeds
Method For Making The Dosa
Soak all the ingredients for 4-5 hours. The brown rice takes a longer time to soak. Grind them to a smooth & fine paste. Mix all and let it ferment overnight or for 8-10hrs.
Once fermented, mix again thoroughly to release the trapped air and add salt to taste. Adjust consistency using the water.
Grease a non stick pan and spread a ladle full of batter in concentric circles and cook on one side till crisp ad golden in color. Flip and smear more oil and let it cook.
Method For Onion- Tomato Chutney Heat oil and sauté the red chilies followed by onions. Once the onions have become translucent add tomatoes, curry leaves, turmeric and salt. Cook till tomatoes are soft. Cool and grind.
Heat oil for tempering and splutter mustard seeds and then add urad-chana daal. Once the lentils are golden pour it over the chutney and mix.
Sending this to my event ‘Only’ Food For Pregnancy, hosted here.

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