Chinese White Sugar Cake ( Pak Tong Koh ??? )

Each time when i eat this cake or 'kueh', it gives me some nolstalgic feeling. It's pretty funny, it's like going back to old times..imagining myself wearing a cheongsam , my hair tied up in a bun, sitting on those old antique wooden chairs that are yet elegant in style, marble tables, probably hearing some sounds of ringing bells from the trishaw nearby and enjoying the cake. Ha! Probably i watched too many old chinese dramas when i was young and yeah, i hear about this cake a lot in those dramas. This is just one very old traditional kueh. I've made this kueh several times, each time a different recipe..some turned out to be quite tough, some smell yeasty, some with very little honeycomb effect..etc. The one that i'm showing now is okay but still not too satisfactory . The sweetness is alright, the texture is's not tough ,it's smooth and springy but i just wish there could be more honeycomb effect...or maybe it's my mixing skills..I still think that the ones that i usually get from outside looks much prettier. So this is not the ultimate recipe yet..

Recipe (  taken from Homemade Dishes by Patsie Cheong)
Ingredients A
230gm rice flour
150ml water

Ingredients B
180gm castor sugar
380ml water

Ingredients C
1/2 tsp yeast
2 tbsps water

Ingredients D
1/8 tsp oil
1 drop of alkaline water

1. Bring(B) to boil and pour it into (A) mixture. When cool, add in (C). Allow 2 hours for fermentation.
2. When tiny bubbles form all over the surface, add in (D) and blend evenly. Pour batter into a steaming tray about 1 inch thick and steam for 25minutes. ( i used 6"x6" square tin )

You can also hop over to My Kitchen Snippet and Table for 2 or more for more on this white sugar cake. The honeycomb effect on their cakes are beautiful , using different recipes.

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