Bubur kacang hijau (green beans porridge)

4 servings
1 hour
45 min
Very Easy
Sweet porridge with green beans and its oh-so fragrant gula Melaka/palm sugar


Number of serving: 4
2 cup green beans/kacang hijau - soaked in water for at least one hour and drained.

1/2 cup sago - soaked in water for one hour and drained.

3-4 pandan/screwpine leaves - knotted together.

1/2 cup Gula Melaka/palm sugar

2-3 tbsp white sugar (or as needed)

Thick coconut milk/cream - as needed

A pinch of salt.


  • Add beans, screwpine leaves and 1 liter of water into a pot.

    Simmer till beans are 3/4 soft.

    Add sago and stir gently from time to time.

    When sago becomes translucent, add both types of sugar.
    Stir to dissolve.

    (Note: amount of water can be adjusted for the thickness of the syrup)
    Before serving, remove screwpine leaves and drizzle coconut milk on top.



Excellent Indo- pak Bangal recipe

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