Caribbean cherry marmalade (dulce de cereza)

8 servings
30 min
2 hours
28 Kcal


Number of serving: 8
6 pounds of cherries

2 pounds of sugar

1 teaspoon of ground sweet cloves

2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

2 cinnamon sticks


  • Wash cherries well, place in pot with enough water to cover the cherries. When it starts to simmer discard all the water and add more and bring to a simmer. Repeat this step once more. This helps remove the sour taste of the cherries. Add fresh water for the third time, just until it covers the cherries, sugar and species, cook on high until the syrup thickens, stir occasionally. Let cool completely before eating, store in a plastic or glass container in the fridge.

    If you want to store your dessert or “Dulce de Cereza”, then follow the following information: Use a ladle to fill your pouring jug. Fill the jars almost to the top. The jam will shrink back as it cools. When you have filled a dozen or so jars apply the lids. Invert the jars for one minute to ensure that the lid is sterilized by the hot jam (handle the jars with an oven cloth or folded tea towel). This is if you want to store de marmalade.

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Nutritional informations:

for 1 serving / for 100 g


Nutritional information for 1 serving (21g)
Calories: 28Kcal
  • Carbo: 5.6g
  • Total fat: 0.1g
  • Saturated fat: 0g
  • Proteins: 0.3g
  • Fibers: 1.4g
  • Sugar: 5.1g
  • ProPoints: 1
  • SmartPoints: 1
gluten freegluten free


Caribbean Cherry Marmalade (Dulce de Cereza), photo 1
Caribbean Cherry Marmalade (Dulce de Cereza), photo 2



California John
California John, 21/06/2010

Yum! but 2 pounds of sugar? Could be too sweet. I like cherries, but I want to be able to eat them, with out adding that much sweetness.

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