Coconut and kaffir lime panna cotta w passion fruit pulp

8 servings
20 min
4 hours
This is a very simple dessert but with some really nice tropical flavours. The coconut is quite rich so you want to serve it with something a little acidic like the passion fruit to balance the cream and the sweetness.


Number of serving: 8

Panna cotta :

350ml coconut cream

100ml milk

60g sugar

4 kaffir lime leaves

½ stalk lemongrass

½ vanilla pod – split/scraped

2 leaves gelatine

Passion fruit :

Fresh passionfruit

Icing sugar (if desired)


  • For the panna cotta:

    Bring all ingredients except the gelatine together to the scald in a pot and leave to infuse. Stir to dissolve sugar. Bloom the gelatine in a little cold water and then dissolve in the still hot mix. Pass. Cool down over a bowl of ice until starting to thicken, set in ramekins.
  • To serve:

    Dip the ramekins in some hot water for a few seconds to just start to melt a little of the dessert enough to release. Turn out onto a cold plate. Serve with some of the freshly scooped passion fruit pulp.


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