Delicious summer mango-strawberry trifle

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2 servings
Very Easy
15 min

Here is a good recipe for a good dessert! Very fresh!! Delightful!



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  • Placed the cake slices at the bottom of each glass. Drizzle the orange juice over the cake to soak it a a little.
  • Next top with mango and strawberry pieces.
  • Spoon jelly over the fruit.
  • Pour custard till the fruit bits and jelly are completely covered.
  • Place next layer of cake and continue till you fill the glass completely leaving space for the top most layer of custard and top with more mango bits for decoration.
  • You can also use whipped cream as an option to top up the glasses.
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Delicious Summer Mango-Strawberry Trifle Delicious Summer Mango-Strawberry Trifle - photo 2


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