Healthy karyokes (walnuts and chocolate dessert)

1 servings
90 min
5 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 1
Makes: 20

170 grams (low fat, low sugar) rusks

1 cup whole wheat cereals

1 cup walnuts pounded (plus whole walnuts for decoration)

¼ cup demerera (or brown) sugar

100 grams becel proactive olive oil margarine

1/3 dark cocoa, sieved

½ cup of cherry spoon sweet, without syrup (optional)- (or craisins)

3 tablespoons Greek honey (or low fat milk)

For coating:

375 grams couverture chocolate

2 tablespoons becel margarine

4 tablespoons milk 0%


  • • In a food processor add the rusks and powder. Place in a bowl together with cereals, walnuts, butter, sugar, cocoa and cherries and using your hand mix them well.
    • Add the honey (or milk) and mix until they can hold together. Shape round about the size of a large walnut and place on parchment paper or cling film. Refrigerate until the chocolate is ready.
    • In a bain marie (water bath) heat the chocolate until it melts and add the butter and milk. Mix until the chocolate is creamy.
    • Remove from the the heat and dip each ball in the chocolate to cover on all sides and remove on parchment paper.
    • Immediately add half a walnut on top.
    • When they cool, refrigerate for at least one hour before serving.


Healthy Karyokes (Walnuts and Chocolate Dessert), photo 1
Healthy Karyokes (Walnuts and Chocolate Dessert), photo 2
Healthy Karyokes (Walnuts and Chocolate Dessert), photo 3


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