Oreo pop

8 servings
8 min
45 min
It is simple and yummy


Number of serving: 8
200 gram Oreo / Tiger Biscuits

Butter 70 80g (I use Margarine as I m not sure vegetarian can take butter or not)

100gram Compound Chocolate (cut it into small pieces)

Deco subject to preference

'Lollipop' stick


  • Blend the biscuits into fine manner.
  • Melt the butter with low heat, pour the biscuit and stir evenly.
  • Roll into ball shape. I use melon scoop simply it is small enough and kids can have bite size easily. Freeze it 15 minutes.
  • Double boil the compound chocolate with low heat fire. You can melt the chocolate little by little.*
  • Gently use the stick with little compound chocolate and insert into ball shape oreo and freeze it another 10 minutes.
  • Dip it into compound chocolate and decorate it. Your Oreo Pop are on board! ^-^
  • * Compound chocolate will get even rough and hard if too frequent you reheat and melt back.


Oreo Pop, photo 1Oreo Pop, photo 2Oreo Pop, photo 3

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