Pancake with gulkand filling

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This recipe does not require much time and it is very delicious.


1) For the pancakes :
- 100 g flour
- 250 ml milk
- 3 eggs
- 20 g sugar
- 25 ml oil
- A pinch of salt

2) For the gulkand filling :
- 100 g sugar
- 100 g water
- 75 g gulkand ( available in supermarkets )
- 10 g cornflour

3) For the caramel sauce :
- 100 g sugar
- Juice of ½ a lime
- 70 ml water


Step 1

1) Mix all the ingredients to form a smooth paste. Heat a shallow pan. Pour enough of the above mixture ( one ladle ) onto pan to form a thin layer. Cook till the pan cakes turns lightly brown.

Step 2

Make more pancakes and keep aside.

Step 3

2) Boil sugar and water. Add gulkand to it and continue to boil. Let the water reduce to one ? third of the quantity, to allow the flavor of gulkand to get extracted.

Step 4

Add a little water to the corn flour, mix well and add the corn flour paste to the gulkand mixture.

Step 5

3) Mix sugar and lime juice with 10 ml of water and caramelize on low heat. Add remaining 60 ml water to get a thick consistency.

Step 6

To assemble : Place a pancake on a plate surface. Spread a little gulkand filling on it and roll it tightly , taking care that the filling does not spill out . Similarly assemble the remaining pancakes. Pour caramel sauce on one end of the rolled pancake. Serve.


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