Watermelon milk sorbet

3 servings
20 min
2 hours
For a fruity treat during a hot day – this is definitely a perfect option. Enjoy.


Number of serving: 3
Cubes of watermelon

Few sprigs of mint leaves

Milk (about 1 cup will do)

Sugar to taste

** Add more or less of whichever you prefer.


  • Add all ingredients into blender/processor.

    Pulse for a thick smooth mixture.

    Pour into container and place in the freezer.

    Once frozen, break sorbet with a wooden spatula.

    Pulse again and pour back into the same container.

    Back into the freezer.

    Repeat the same process, a total of three times.

    Keep sorbet covered in the freezer.

    Serve with little cubes of watermelon or any other fruits.



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