Fish fry indian style (ocean perch or salmon or tilapia or tuna)

Indian style fish fry with the fish available in american stores very often. It is very easy, quick and delicious.If you would like to watch in video click here
Fish fillets---3
olive oil/vegetable oil---4ts
Rice flour/corn flour/ all purpose flour--1/2ts
Lemon juice----1ts
chili powder/pepper powder---1/2ts
salt to taste---requires very less as fish already contains salt
Cilantro for garnishing and chopped 1/2ts
ginger garlic paste--1/2ts
green chilies/peppers finely chopped--1/2ts
Cumin powder----1/2ts
cumin seeds--1/4ts


You can prepare the same dish with Salmon/tilapia/tuna I used Ocean Perch fillets.First thaw them to the room temperature under cold running water.Mix all the ingredients Cumin powder+salt+chili powder+cumin seeds+ginger garlic paste+cilantro+green chilies+oil+lemon juice+turmerictake the fillets and apply this marination on both sides.Sprinkle flour on either side of the fish fillet.Take baking tray and wrap aluminium foil and grease it with oilPlace the fish pieces on it and bake for 10min at 350Fand boil for 10min at 350F.(Or u can directly fry them on a pan with some oil /grill them)Remove the pieces and garnish them with cilantro, onion and green chili.  
And delicious fish fry is ready to serve...goes well with rice as a side dish.....hope u like my can watch the video of this recipe at ...plz come back again :)
ThnQ for your valuable comments :)...plz come back again

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